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Garage door repair is something you will have to deal with once in your garage door’s life at some point. Acknowledgment about the common garage door problems can make it easier for you to discuss with the garage door experts when they arrive. This guide can also help you to understand how to fix a broken garage door and what the experts are doing to restore the performance of your garage door.

Push the button of remote but garage door is not responding: Modern garage doors come with built-in electric garage door sensors that feel the resistance on the path of the door. There may any obstruct on the bottom of the garage door which forces it to go back. If there are broken hinges or springs, the system will not try to pull the chain. In other cases, the garage door opener is to blame. Only an expert technician can diagnose the problems.

Garage door opener is running but nothing happens: Garage door openers have tended to wear and tear with the passage of time. The gears can also go out of order. If the gears of the opener are stripped, they cannot support the chain to run which is responsible to raise and lower the hatch. Change the worn-out gears, if they do not work, you have no choice but to change the entire mechanism.

Sagging garage door: There are plenty of garage door technicians who are willing to fix the one-piece garage door better known as a “kick out” garage door. If you have a traditional or outdated device, it is not safe at all. For enhanced security, you will have to replace it with a newer and safer model.

Garage door hatch making loud noises: Strange and loud noises of the garage door are the common problems. First, lubricate the garage door rollers in order to tackle the issues. If the rollers seem rusted or worn out, replace them immediately. You may use plastic rollers which are durable and quietest options. These are the low-resistance rollers that work smoother and need low maintenance than traditional ones. But they are costly than others. 

Have a traditional garage door opener: If your garage door opener goes malfunctioned, you may ask whether it has to be replaced. The professional technician will be able to inspect the equipment and to determine whether its parts need to be fixed without replacing the entire device. However, to enhance security and improve performance, it should be replaced. The older system does not have any security features so; you will have to exchange it with a newer system.

The rollers are out of order and pulling the garage door: Basically, it is a very common garage door problem. There are several reasons behind it. Garage door rollers could be worn out and got out of track. There is also a possibility that the track itself has been dent or there is something that obstructs the way of the garage door. In some cases, a large torsion springs which are placed at the top of the garage door may break down and can cause the panels to pull off the tracks.

One of the most overlooked causes behind the malfunctioned garage door is when you have accidentally damaged the garage door panel in your car. These types of damages may seem small but if left untreated, eventually, it will pull the panel out off track. Luckily, the solution is very easy; you just have to hire a professional garage door company to handle it. 

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