Some people are good at DIY party planning while some prefer hiring party planners for their special event. DIY people enjoy being in the thick of things, planning every minute detail, and seeing that everything goes according to plan. Some people just do not have that knack for organizing or do not have the time. But what makes a good party? Is it the invitations? Of course, you want people to attend your party so it is best to notify them ahead of time. Is it the nice decorations? Sure a good background will set the theme of the party and make it picture-worthy. But you have to agree that the backbone of a good party is the food. Good food, good company, good party! Admit it, when the food is not great – from preparation to presentation and taste – it can ruin a party. You do not want to make your guests hungry. As one who plans our own parties, I always make sure I splurge on food. Everything else is just a bonus. I believe we can all have a good time celebrating life’s successes, sharing stories, and just enjoying each other’s company over a delicious set of food and drinks. That is why I make sure I have a list of trusted food suppliers and caterers (such as Lunetta) that I can always turn to for these parties. The food says it all. It says how much you value your guests because you took the effort to choose and spend on the best food in town (some even have food brought in from other towns or states) to make sure that their guests will enjoy the dining experience. The food presentation will tickle their senses to eat more. The food servings should not be limited as guests have different levels of appetite. You can say that food is the life of the party!